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Green Teas


Chicago PSR is dedicated to helping medical professionals create greener office practices.

With the help of filmmaker Susan Hope Engel, we have created a how-to video that will show doctors, nurses and clinic managers how to make their practices greener, using simple steps that are not costly.

Even better, we will now stop by your office for a 'Green Tea.' We will schedule a brief visit to your office, complete with tea and healthy snacks in which we will show your staff the video and answer questions about the easiest ways to green your practice.

These Green Teas last about 30 minutes and can be scheduled in the morning or afternoon at a time that is convenient for your practice.

Have time for tea and snacks? Invite Chicago PSR, and we'll help you green your practice. For more information and to schedule a Green Tea, e-mail

Videos where you can learn more

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Why is it important to green your office?
    Climate change is an increasingly important issue. Chicago Physicians for Social Responsibility is dedicating to promoting a healthier Chicago and these days, the issues that surround climate change are becoming environmental threats to not only our planet, but also to our health. People go to medical offices for cure and treatment, and thus it is more important than ever for these offices to be medically capable, but environmentally conscious.

  • How long does the presentation take? What does it entail?
    Our presentation lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. We usually show a quick video, that can be found on our website, to introduce our work, and will then give some suggestions and answer any questions you may have. 

  • How many people need to attend the presentation?
    The more the merrier! The more people that understand how to take steps to becoming a more environmental office the better, although we do not require a certain number of people to be at our informal gatherings. 

  • What other benefits, aside from helping the environment, will my office reap?
    Making environmental changes in your office is not only helpful for the environment, but also very cost effective and will end up saving your office money. Just by making simple changes to environmentally friendly light bulbs can save you over $6000 in savings after 50,000 hours of use. 

  • How long will it take to see results after beginning the process?
    You will see the benefits in making certain changes as soon as you receive your next energy bill. Conserving energy and water will drastically lower the price of these amenities. Meanwhile, environmental changes may take decades before you see their full effect. While it may be difficult to see the physical results, know that with each change you make to green your office, you are making an effort to decrease the effects of climate change on our planet. 

  • Can someone other than a doctor or medical professional take charge of office greening?
    Yes! All you need is one person with a passion for environmental activism to start greening your office. While the bigger the team, the greater chance you have at success, one person working in your office, whether she be a doctor, nurse or any one else on staff, is all it takes to begin the greening process.

  • Does greening my office affect my ability to care for patients?
    Not at all. Many of the initiatives that we outline in our how-to packets are simple fixes that can be done at your own convenience. We do not want to change the way you work throughout your day, but instead, make your office a more environmentally friendly workplace. In fact, greener environments are healthier environments. Hospitals had been known to use chemical cleaners that were increasing asthma rates in nurses. Efforts to create greener environments may also minimize unhealthy toxins.

  • Do you have an app for greening my office?
    Not yet, but stay tuned! 

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