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Climate Change & Health

According to The Lancet, climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century. The World Health Organization estimates that at least 150,000 people die due to the health effects of climate change annually. A strong and

growing body of published scientific literature indicates that climate change causes these public health threats.

  • Extreme weather events

  • Floods

  • Drought

  • Heat emergencies

  • Increased air pollution

  • Wildfires

  • Changes in infectious disease patterns


These changes in weather and climate lead to excess disease and death. Rates are increasing due to climate change:

  • Increased rates of disability and death due to natural disasters

  • More crop failures and malnutrition due to floods

  • Increased rates of dysentery due to lack of clean water caused by drought

  • More deaths due to heat stroke

  • Increased rates of asthma due to air pollution

  • Higher emergency room visits due to wild fires

  • Increased rates of Malaria, Dengue, West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, and other vector-borne infectious diseases


Chicago PSR is responding to these public health threats in several ways.

  • We collaborated with a group of local experts to organize a CME conference on climate change and health at UIC's Contemporary Art Space in October, 2017. 

  • We believe that doctors and other medical professionals should take the lead to create environmentally-friendly environments that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • We regularly give lectures on climate change and public health. If your organization is looking for a climate change and health lecture, please contact us.

  • Chicago PSR and Northwestern's School of Engineering collaborated to create A Climate Change and Public Health Plan for Cook County.

Chicago Climate Change and Health Fact Sheets:

  • Climate Change & Asthma 

  • Climate Change & allergies 

  • Climate Change & West Nile 

  • Hazardous Chemicals 

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