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Our Mission


Chicago Physicians for Social Responsibility is dedicated to promoting a healthier Chicago and improved public health worldwide through advocacy and education about the effects of climate change, environmental toxins, and other environmental threats to human health.

In our commitment to improving public health to all, we've taken on building electrification as a way to reduce rates of asthma and lower Chicago's carbon footprint. We will spend the next year working with local organizations, policy makers, and public health experts to push for policy that will make building electrification possible. 

We helped shut down Chicago's dirty coal plants

Chicago PSR helped lead a successful campaign to shut down Chicago's coal-fired power plants.  These dirty and unhealthy plants will close in 2012 thanks to the efforts of more than 60 organizations. Groups were honored at the Illinois Environmental Council dinner on September 20, 2012. Celebrate this big win for public health and clean air!  

We have developed a Climate Change and Public Health Plan for Cook County


Climate change threatens our health by increasing infectious diseases, heat emergencies and poor air quality. To help the public health officials in the Chicago metropolitan area prepare and plan for the health effects of climate change in our area, we have developed a public health adaptation plan for

Cook County.

Click the above picture  to access our action plan!

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